FLEETFOOT!  What are we about? Just 2 guys who are out to make a quick buck or two passionate individuals?  Well you decide.

Nikhil and Nitish started Fleetfoot adventure solely and purely out of love for the sport, love for the beautiful underwater world, passion for SCUBA diving and anything related to the water. What better place than the Maldives to do it? Both have been diving there from 2005! They know the place and the people well. Maldives is also a logistical dream to get to from India. Its just a 2 hour direct flight from Bangalore!.

You can literally have breakfast in Bangalore, Lunch in Maldives and dive thereafter.. All in the same day. Geographically, nowhere in the world will you come across so many world class dive sites so close in proximity to one another. Certified divers can take 3 days off along with a weekend, come and do 9 dives in the Maldives.. Or get certified in the same time and come back again as a certified SCUBA diver! Beat that!

The best part about Fleetfoot Adventures is

  •       We are happily willing to go that extra mile to make your trip            comfortable and memorable. No matter what level of experience you have
  •        Maldives is rightly perceived to be very expensive and exclusive. We have made it affordable yet exclusive!!
  •        We assure you of an extraordinary diving experience which is safe and FUN!!
  •        You do not necessarily have to dive with us. Come snorkel, jet ski, do the banana boat and fun tube.
  •         Hey, but if you are unsure and want to just try diving a couple of times, we can arrange that too. Not at all necessary that you need to be a swimmer!!

Thanks to Peter Benchley’s ‘Jaws’, most people think that sharks are mindless, voracious man eaters - but nothing could be further than the truth. We have done dozens of dives alongside sharks. They mind their business, we mind our manners (just kidding!) Our favorite shark story, but this concers a whale shark..

We spotted it quite by chance during a live-aboard dive in 2013. We just grabbed our snorkelling gear and dove in. We swam along the gentle giant for 30 minutes. At one point, Nitish was near the head of the fish, and it swam up near the surface. “We both looked at each other, just for a fleeting moment,” he recalls. “That moment, when our eyes met, is forever imprinted in my memory. It was surreal - one of the largest living creatures and man, swimming side by side in total harmony.”

 That’s Nitish near the eye.. Fantastic picture taken by Nishan!!


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