We’re Nikhil Chinapa and Nitish Chengappa. Despite our different surnames, we’re brothers from the same mother and father. We both love scuba diving and hate each other’s music. But that’s a story we’ll save for later. Instead, here’s a story we want to tell you. 

About a decade ago, we discovered the incredible joys of scuba diving in the Maldives and instantly fell in love. What started out as a hobby sport quickly grew into a passion. We loved everything about diving in the Maldives – the relaxed island vibe, its warm people, and the wondrous underwater treasures. With every single dive we made memories and kept returning to make some more. We loved it so much we wanted to share it – initially with our friends and now with anyone we can convince to take the short flight to Male and hop into the ocean with us.

For us, the ocean is pure magic and can only be experienced first-hand, no picture, no video actually does justice to the live experience of a dive. As much as we love being under waters, we also know that with fun comes responsibility – towards you and towards the ocean. We only protect what we love, we love what we understand and we only understand what we are taught. 

Still reading? That means you’re curious about diving. Now allow that curiosity to take you all the way to the Maldivian islands – Come Fleetfooting with us, we promise it will change your life forever.