Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do You Have A Beginners Guide to Scuba Diving?

A. Yup, here it is.


Q. What is the best time of year to dive in the Maldives?

A. The warm waters of the Maldives are ideal for year round diving. Water temperature can vary from 22° to 28° Celsius (75° to 85°F).


Q. Are there sharks in the Maldives?

A. Yes, there are sharks in every ocean and our divers have seen plenty. A variety of small sharks inhabit the Maldives. These species pose no threat to divers or snorkellers. If you’re wondering if there are Great Whites in the Maldivian waters…the answer is a resounding, NO.


Q. What if I get stung by jellyfish?

There are 2 main types of dangerous jellyfish in our local waters. The Box Jellyfish is coastal dwelling and is extremely rare to see on the reef. They breed in estuaries and live their life on the shoreline, therefore generally do not pose a threat to divers. The Irukandji jellyfish is also predominantly a coastal dweller but is occasionally found on the reef. Divers are rarely troubled by either species but there is still a risk of being stung. Full body coverage is recommended when jellyfish are prevalent. Both are extremely rare to see and we have in our last 10 years of diving seen only once.


Q. What if I am travelling alone? Who will I dive with?

The best part about diving with Fleetfoot is making friends and finding your fleetbuddy. We ensure that you are always buddied up with someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. If you wish to dive with an Instructor, hold his hand even, it can be arranged.


Q. Are all your dives guided?

Yes. We have dive masters and dive assistants accompanying us on every dive. Prior to every dive, a comprehensive briefing will be given by the dive leader to assist with your navigation and direct you to areas of interest at each site.


Q. What depths will I be diving to?

The answer is quite simple: to whatever depth you are comfortable going to and as deep as your certification permits. Our dive sites have an average depth range of 10 - 25 metres (30-80 feet). Remember, coral need sunlight to grow, so some of the best snorkelling and diving is in shallow areas around the reef top.


Q. Do I need my own equipment?

No. Fleetfoot Adventures provides it all to you as part of the dive/snorkel package. But if you have your own stuff, of course bring it along!


Q. If a friend / partner is a certified diver or non-diver, can they come on the same trip with me whilst I’m on the course?

Yes, they will be buddied with another certified diver onboard while you complete your 4 training dives. After that, you can do a number of pleasure dives together. There is plenty of time throughout the trip to snorkel and socialise with a non-diver if you are travelling with someone who doesn’t dive/snorkel.


Q. I have forgotten / lost my certification card / license, can I still dive?

Yes, as long as evidence of certification can be provided e.g. log book, verification letter from your certifying dive company. You can do this by contacting your original certifying organizations. Otherwise just come to the dive centre and type in your name as per the certificate issued to you and your name will pop up on the screen J..We can provide assistance in this area if you are PADI affiliated.


Q. What accommodation can I expect?

To keep our dive package affordable and encourage small-scale, locally-owned resorts (most islands in the Maldives are the exclusive property of luxury resorts, not owned by locals), Fleetfoot has identified a few clean, functional and rather charming resorts on living islands. In this way, we boost local businesses, our guests have multiple opportunities to interact with the island people and get a glimpse into their daily lives.


Q. What kind of food can I expect?

The resort and a few local restaurants offer simple, home-cooked fare, both vegetarian and non vegetarian. While breakfast is included in every Fleetfoot dive package, the resort can put out lunch/dinner, at additional cost. You are more than welcome to bring your own snacks but remember, there is limited space for refrigerated foods. If you have any dietary restrictions/food allergies, please let us know in advance.


Q. How do I pack for a dive trip? You’ll need swimwear, suntan lotion, comfortable clothes, basic medicines, band aids for small cuts and bruises flipflops and toiletries. Anything more is excessive.


Q. When can I fly next after diving?

PADI standards recommend you leave at least 24 hours after your last dive before flying. You can fly, then dive the same day, however not dive then fly. You will complete your last dive around 12 noon on your last day of the trip, so flying the next day anytime after noon will be ok.


Q. What do I have to do to complete my Learn to Dive?

 - Minimum age – 10 years of age

-   Be in reasonably good health. If you do have any breathing or heart issues we recommend you see a doctor before enrolling


Q. What do I bring to my pool and theory sessions?

You will need to bring your swimsuit and a towel, your dive medical if required.


Q. How many people will be in my class?

The maximum student/instructor ratio is 5 students to 1 instructor in the pool and 5 students to 1 instructor in the ocean/open water.


Q. English is not my first language, can I do my course in a different language?

We offer courses in Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and English.


The Nitty Gritties

General Information

  • Rates include twin-share accommodation, breakfast, high-speed boat transfers from the airport, and all taxes.

  • Rates do NOT include: lunch, dinner, alcohol, tips, optional add-ons, extra number/duration of water sport experiences.

  • Each snorkelling trip is of approximately 45 minutes duration, plus boat time

  • Each dive is of approximately 45 minute duration, plus boat time. Night dives for certified divers are an optional add-on, at extra cost.

  • Water sports included in each package consist of a specified number of fixed-duration kayaking, jet skiing, and fun tubing experiences. Should you exceed the included number/duration of any of these water sports, you will be charged extra. Fly boarding is an optional add-on, at extra cost.

  • We provide all snorkelling and scuba gear which include wetsuits, life jackets, dive computer, fins, and masks

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Fleetfoot Adventures cannot be held liable for any delays, cancellations, force majeure or other causes beyond their direct control. In such event, no refunds will be made.